Tuesday, March 08, 2005


There's one thing I hate about restaurants. That is having to wait for your food. When I'm hungry, I want my food NOW !!! And waiting just is not going to cut it. In Amsterdam, I got fucken hungry after smoking some hardcore, AK-47, hydroponically grown, chemical laced marijuana. I wanted food. So I went to McDonalds.

They made me wait, so I walked out. Not happy.

Febo Febo Febo
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Then I saw FEBO. Like a beacon on the horizon, the red and yellow lights ushered me through its doors, towards delicious culinary delights, and all I had to do was put a coin in the slot.

Febo Doors
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Yes, FEBO is the fastest of fast food. Its all sitting there in little locked windows, like you can see here.

Febo Burgers
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All you have to do is decide....will it be the burgers ?

Febo Croquettes
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Or perhaps a croquette ?

Febo Cheese Souffle
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I like the Cheese Souffle !!

Its the Cheese Souffle
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Yes, its the Cheese Souffle, and it only cost 1 euro !!!

Everybody Loves Febo
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Everybody loves FEBO !!!


At 9:12 PM, March 07, 2005, Anonymous Mall Boy said...


At 2:55 AM, March 08, 2005, Anonymous me said...

thats weird, doesnt seem fresh to me... food in ther own lil cages, but hey when your off out of it anything can look apetizing.

At 6:49 AM, March 08, 2005, Blogger Mr. Chalk said...

perhaps, but at least it was fast

At 6:19 PM, March 09, 2005, Anonymous blue eyes said...

does FEBO mean caged food?

At 10:37 PM, March 09, 2005, Blogger Mr. Chalk said...

You can say what you like, but don't you EVER criticize FEBO

At 7:27 AM, May 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A am MeetMe@TheAutomat.com and I take my fast food seriously. That version of 4 windows was German invented, America perfected. Re-invented by FEBO. Borrowed.


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