Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fucken Piece of Shit Website

What kind of piece of shit website is this ? I mean, I'm trying to view the results of that poll, and the fucken thing wont load. I am fucked off. I was seriously thinking about becoming the Poll Man, you know, the guy who lives his life by the results of the poll. But if the fucken thing doesnt work, then i can fuck that idea right off.

Anyway, I got here last night and it is FUCKEN FREEZING. After seriously considering not smoking for about 3 minutes, I then decided to go and get off my head, and ended up walking arounfd in the snow like a complete dickhead till 2AM. Managed to get a good 5 hours sleep though.

As for my sister, I think she has been asleep for the whole time since I got here. Either that, or she is ignoring me. Usually the best course of action.

So, I am going to brave the freezing cold now, just to bring to you the latest snaps from the streets of AMS. As for the Loo Cam, No Pants and Mens Urinals.... maybe soon


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