Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Fucken Wimp

I posted this one a lttle earlier, but it turned out I was a fucken wimp, and I took it down. Anyway, those days are over now, so here goes. I hope I dont get in trouble. For gods sake, I'm nearly 40 fucken years old...isnt that kind of like an age where you can do what you want ??? I mean, I dont want to upset my Dad, in fact he was No. 63 on my list of interests (which of course were not ranked in order of preference). Its just that my brother has been taunting me with this wimp crap, and Ive just gotta take a stand, so I'm gonna take a deep breath and I'm gonna post this muthafukka.

So I told my brother I was writing this blog thing, and he went and checked it out, and the only comments he had to make was that I was too wimpy to tell my Dad about it. So I got to thinking about the whole thing, and you know, who the fuck do you tell ??? I mean, my Dad would get pretty fucked off about the amount of times i say fuck and cunt in this thing. So, like, do I censor myself, and not say fuck or cunt, or fucken cunt or cock or clit or whatever ?? Cos if I leave those words out, I may as well just dump the whole fucken thing. Anyway, I think I'm only doing this cos I'm not smoking pot, and once I get a billy back in my hands, the whole things gonna come to a grinding halt. So, whatever. I'm just gonna write whatever the fuck I want. And my brother admitted that he's a fucken wimp anyway when it comes to my Dad, so fuck it. I'm posting it. And I'm not gonna tell my Dad, even if that makes me a fucken wimp.


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