Monday, February 28, 2005

What are my interests ???

All these fucken websites keep asking for my interests, and all i can think about is

1) Lying on the couch
2) Watching TV
3) Smoking Pot
4) Gambling

Now, obviously there is more to my life than that, but when they ask that question, thats all that seems to come to mind. Oh, I forgot the other one,

5) Sex

Now, I'm going to make a serious attempt at listing some more interests, cos i'm sure i've got em, and i'm jetlagged to the shithouse, and i cant fall asleep and its 6 in the morning, and ive been up since 2AM AGAIN !!!

OK, here goes:

6) Snowboarding
7) Stuffing around on the net
8) Taking photos
9) Listening to music
10) Travelling
11) Sharp kitchen knives
12) Going to parties
13) Nitrous Oxide
14) Eating
15) Eating
16) Staying in hotels
17) Making money
18) Getting off my head
19) Yoga
20) Looking at books with lots of pictures in them
21) Standing in a cool swimming pool on a hot day
22) Turning off my computer
23) Turning off my mobile phone
24) Talking about myself
25) Hearing other people talk about me
26) Sleeping
27) Valiant Chargers
28) Speaking badly in foreign languages
29) Finding money in the street
30) Sun...but not too much of it
31) My mum
32) Looking at pretty pictures
33) Military history
34) Architecture
35) Terry Richardson
36) Japan
37) Cooking shows
38) Design
39) The White Stripes
40) India
41) Not being bored
42) Getting under other peoples' skin
43) Touching soft smooth skin
44) Art Nouveau
45) Designer Labels
46) India
47) Natural Disasters
48) Spanish Ham
49) New York City
50) Cheese
51) Graffiti
52) Crime Stories
53) Jews from Melbourne
54) Walking for Hours
55) Being Uncommunicative
56) Ex Girlfriends
57) Good Coffee
58) Cold Beer
60) The Cricket
61) Pills
62) Coffee Tables
63) My Dad
64) High School Reunions
65) Modern Art
66) Tough Shit
67) T Shirts
68) Horse Racing
69) Good Shaving Cream
70) Amsterdam
71) Old Japanese Cars
72) Marinated Lamb Chops
73) Getting up really early
74) Going to bed really late
75) Burton Snowboarding Socks
76) Cleaning Ladies
77) Brown Toilet Paper
78) Chopsticks
79) Miso Soup
80) My mums flat
81) The History Channel
82) Football
83) Yukimushi Souffle
84) Derek and Clive
85) Pretending to be Spanish
86) Pretending to be doing something
87) Telling my Dad how great my life is
88) Giving my brothers the shits
89) Laughing at something that looks funny

Fuck, I'm running dry here......

I wanted to make it to 100, but these are getting pretty lame, so I think I'll stop here


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