Friday, March 11, 2005

Bye Bye Denmark

Well, thats it for Denmark. It has been lovely spending some time amongst the sea faring Danes, however, tomorrow morning, I am saying goodbye.

And I am also saying hello, to that jolly nation, GERMANY !!!

Still smarting from the whipping they took in '45, the Germans have reformed their wicked ways, and are now hosting the world's biggest technology fair, CeBIT. I'll be reporting back to you all, not to mention going kookoo with my FujiFilm F700.

I am also looking forward to brewskis and bratwursts at the Munchen Keller....not to mention those frauleins in lederhosen.

And like those cute little kids from The Sound of Music, I'll be making a quick getaway on Sunday morning.

Auf Widersein, until then.


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