Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Totally Committed to Fine Art

The Art of Letting Go
Originally uploaded by Chalky Lives.
You may have noticed I haven't been writing or taking any photos lately. This is true, and the reason for this is that I have found nothing to photograph or write about. Life is good. No complaints.

This image, which I captured last night at the Shimbashi Station public lavatory has shaken me out of my complacency.

What I am struggling to conceive is HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN ?


At 8:25 PM, November 15, 2006, Blogger grinningbeaver said...

hey mr chalk, this is probably just a modern art installation,
i am quite an expert on art and thats what it looks like to me.

At 11:42 AM, November 16, 2006, Blogger Mr. Chalk said...

i knew it. art fucken art.

fuck that shit

At 9:54 AM, April 04, 2007, Blogger Freudian Slip said...

That is so gross. Wow.


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