Sunday, March 12, 2006


Barefoot in the Mosque
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So I fucked off from Dubai, with aching wrists and ankles, and next stop...ISTANBUL.

This place rocks !!! The people are cool, the food is delicious, and even though they have a scarf on their heads, you can see the womens faces.

One thing that kinda concerns me though is the lack of adventure.

I mean, all this travelling is good and well, but this blog i supposed to be about adventures, and so far, Im just doing normal shit.

I'm low on inspiration, folks. I just dont know what to do to get myself motivated.

So help me.

Tell me what the fuck I should do to spice things up a little.....and please, make it someting new.

That same old Loo Cam thing just aint gonna cut it

Istanbul Street Action
Originally uploaded by Chalkstar.

Istanbul Tram
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