Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Botanical Gardens

If there's one thing I love about Melbourne, its the Botanical Gardens.

So beautiful, so lush, and right in the heart of the city.



At 3:44 PM, June 29, 2005, Anonymous manart66 said...

nice flower mate....that fucken flower isnt french is it?

At 5:26 PM, June 29, 2005, Anonymous manart66 said...

what a huge debarcle over flickr..the last bastion of free fun........p.s vinnie i will not kill you,just bug the shit out of you

At 7:56 PM, June 29, 2005, Anonymous vinnie said...

ditto...we are finally in agreement, gotcha...i win!

At 6:19 AM, June 30, 2005, Anonymous VINNIES MUM said...


At 6:19 AM, June 30, 2005, Anonymous MANART66 said...


At 11:17 AM, June 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should learn to focus.

At 1:39 PM, June 30, 2005, Blogger Mr. Chalk said...

Hey Mr.Anonymous.

Why are you too fucken lazy to even make up a fake name ?? May I suggest quietly that you fuck right off until you can think of something

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